New York City Man Flies Kites Every Day To Show Others How To Relive Childhood Fun

When Kevin Hines was trying to figure out what to do with his life, he figured he had two options.

“I was sitting in a jail cell, and I had to choose what I’m going to do with my life. Am I going to keep repeating and ending up spending the rest of my life in jail, or am I going to come out here and give back?” Hines said.

He chose the latter.

Known as the “Kiteman,” Hines credits his happiness and his life being saved to kites, and he thinks that kites can save others, too.

Though it may sound strange, there is a reason for it.

“When you’re doing it, you’re having fun,” he said.

It’s the idea of having simple fun, and living life again through a child’s eyes.

“The average person thats coming to get a kite, theyre coming to get it for a kid, thinking, Oh, Ill give it to the kid. Nuh-uh! Im here to turn that around because I want you to bond with that kid,” Hines says.

And you have to admit: flying a kite through the air on a sunny day IS fun and definitely stress-relieving!

He wants to help people especially families to bond together with a simple act, and unite people with one common denominator.

You have to watch the video and see just how positive, happy, and overwhelmingly FUN he is (seriously, he seems happier than when this mom treated herself to a Chewbacca mask)! If you weren’t interested in buying a kite before, I promise you’ll change your mind by the end of the video!

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