Fishermen Find Themselves Surrounded By A Pod Of Dolphins In Brazil

Considering there’s more water than land on our Earth, it really shouldn’t shock us to seesome pretty incredible critters roaming out in the waves. Still, it’s always a thrill when we spy our favorite marine animals, especially if they’re as adorable and friendly as dolphins.

When they aren’t in need of help, like the poor little guy who found himself high and dry on the sand before a tour guide lent him a hand, thedelightful sea mammals know exactly how to put smiles on our faces. Whether it’s just one stopping by to say hello, or running into a whole pod on their commute across the water, you can’t help but catch your breath as you see their majestic flippers gliding around.

A few lucky fishermen in the clip below were more than happy to be treated to a display from about 30 of the beautiful creatures when they set out to see what was biting that day. Filmed byLuiz Henrique da Silva, whoworks as a security guard in Brazil for his day job, you candefinitely tell the men were overwhelmed by the majestic performance as the dolphins surround their boat and fly through the air.

In fact, the buddies weren’t ashamed to admit the stunning moment nearly brought them all to tears! I certainly don’t blame them one bit. Something like this doesn’t happen often in a lifetime. I’m just thankful they were able to record and share the moment with us.

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