Baby And Dog Bestie Adorably Beat The Heat While Playing With A Garden Hose

When I look back on my childhood, my favorite memories are definitely the ones where I’m surrounded by my favorite family members: Our dogs! We always had a few running around our home over the years.

Now, I get to watch my nephew experience the same fun with his canine buddies.Both of the pups in his home know to rush over by the high-chair when lunch time rolls around, and are more than happy to clean up all the extra crumbs off his face once he’s back down on the ground playing with them. There’s just something about the bond between a dog and a young child that never fails to make my heart feel like it’s growing three sizes! Of course, the best examples are those where the pair can both share a silly laugh together, like the tyke who can’t get enough of his energeticfriend.

Now that the summer heat has arrived,the little guy below made sure to keep his pup nice and cool while they play outside in the backyard by grabbing the garden hose. It’s actually hard to tell who’s loving the splash-festmore! Clad, in just his diaper, the tiny human giggles every time the pup hops over to take a gulp from the stream. Thank goodness his parents thought to film the whole thing. This is definitely something he’ll want to look back on when he’s older! Here’s hoping they keep sharing these super sweetwith the rest of us, too.

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