16-Year-Old Singer Proves Simon Cowell Wrong With An Incredible Musical Performance

Simon Cowell is known for his harsh criticism throughout his entire career. He’s part of a formula, something similar to the whole good cop, bad cop scenario.

However, he’s not always right, especially whenjudging a genre of music he’s not too familiar with. That being said, there are certain genres of music that don’t appeal to everyone; musical theater is certainly oneof them.

When a 16-year-old girl walked onto the Britain’s Got Talentstage and told the judges that singing was all she ever wanted to do with her life, all of the judges were all very eager to hear what kind of performance this ambitious young woman had to offer them.

When she starts to sing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” fromthe movieFunny Girl, most of the judges are instantly intrigued.

But Mr. Cowell? This is not to hisveryrefined taste. Within just a few seconds, he’s decided that he’s had enough and cuts young Bird off before she can even get into the heart of the song.

How does she respond? How do the other judges respond? How does the audience respond?

You have to watch for yourself. Afterwards, you’ll probably agree that this young woman is so strong!

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