Racing Dog Finds Lots Of Love With His New Forever Family

Greyhounds are known for their speed and agility. Their thin frames and long legs allow them to be incredibly quick on their feet.

For this reason, it used to be quitecommon to use these dogs for racing and betting purposes. Dog racing is not as prevalentas it once used to be. In fact, there are only five states in the U.S. that have active dog-racing tracks.

The reason so many states have deemed dog racing illegalis because the treatment of greyhounds within the racing circuit is often very inhumane. Dogs are literally run down until they’re no longer considered to be useful by their owners, and they end up without a loving home.

Luckily, there are organizations, like Going Home Greyhounds Inc.,that specialize in placing greyhounds with new families that will provide them with the love they deserve.

Mosely was 4 years old when he was rescued from the racing industry, and he was very unsure of his new life and new owners. Scroll down to find out howthis racing dog adapted to his new surroundings and made a tiny (and adorable) new friend along the way!

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Racing dogs are used for one reason and one reason only to go as fast as they can as often as they can.

These dogs don’t experience a normal home life like so many others do.

Mosley, a 4-year-old greyhound, was rescued from the racing industry and adopted by Scott Merrihew and his wife.

The transition was hard on the pup.

After bringing him home, it was clear that Mosley needed some time to adjust.

“Coming from the racetrack, he was always used to being around a bunch of dogs and noises, and that was a big change for him,” Merrihew explained to the Dodo.

With a lot of patience and plenty of love, Mosley began to learn what it meant to be a companion to his new humans instead of a pawn in a game.

He became less anxious and began to enjoy his new forever home.

Before, Mosley was nervous and very protective of his personal space.

After a few years with his new family, however, that all changed.

Mosley turned into a totally affectionate goofball.

“It took a lot of patience over the years with him to get him as comfortable as he is with life off the track,” Merrihew said.

Mosley was finally totally adjusted to his new life when his human parents made a very special announcement: They’d be adding one more to the happy family.

“He was a lot more cuddly with my wife towards the end of the pregnancy,” Merrihew told the Dodo. “He knew something was happening!”

The former racer knew exactly what to do when his new baby brother Lucas arrived.

He was curious, but gave him plenty of space.

Now, the whole family gets to spend time with the new baby, and there’s even more love to go around!

If you’d like to keep up with Mosley’s adventures, check out his Instagram page!

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