Macaque Lovingly Grooms His Feline Friend While She Soaks Up The Sun

You know when you have that itch that you just can’t scratch? Or you just want to lie down and get a nice massage and facial to pamper yourself? That’s when you either need to shell out a hunk of cash to a spa, or have a really great friend.

In the animal kingdom, the circle of life is a very real thing. Animals must do what they must do in order to survive. That’s simply the way it is, whether you like it or not.

However, there are always those exceptions. There are always those animals that don’t fall into those boundaries between predator and prey, and those that simply want to be friends with everyone they meet.

Sometimes, wild animals find themselves in the situation where they’re mingling with domestic animals, like cats and dogs. For example, this little monkey’s best friends are all cats. What could be cuter than that?

WhenBugs Bullock, the 16-year-old macaque, met a cat named Snickers, he knew that they were going to be fast friends.

As this primate walks up to the sleepy cat, Snickers doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Then, when he puts his little hands on her? This is almost too cute to handle. Snickers is in kitty heaven as she gets thisprimate-style pampering.

No more fleas here, that’s for sure!


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