Jimmy Kimmel Is Fascinated By Identical Twins In His Audience

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel never fails to entertain me! Night after night he has something interesting happening on his show.

Remember when he had a sleepover with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill? It was hilarious! Not only does he have funny sketches, he also keeps his audience entertained during the commercial breaks!

In a recent taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he spotted a set of identical twins in the front row of the audience. As soon as he realized they were identical, he had a bunch of questions for them. Like most people who meet twins, he wanted to know everything he could about them. He was fascinated! I don’t blame him, I do the same thing.

The funniest part about this is that Jimmy noticed the twins are wearing the same shirt. But when he points this out to them, Issac and Isiah had absolutely no idea they were matching! Which then spurred Jimmy on to make a whole slew of jokes. You have to see the hilarious commercial break full video for yourself! Is Jimmy Kimmel your favorite late night host?

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