Baby Elephant At The Dallas Zoo Beats The Heat With His Own Kiddie Pool

As the summer heat wears on for another few months, everyone is looking for the perfect way to keep cool. It’s not just us humans sweating it out, but our animal buddies, too!

Of course, it’s important to make sure you know the proper precautions for keeping your cuties safe from the boiling temperatures. But what about all the other animals, like those roaming around our local zoos? When it comes to keeping their bigger critters from overdoing it in the sun, the Dallas Zoodefinitely knows how to get creative to find a solution everyone can appreciate.

Obviously, Texas is known for being pretty darn hot even when it’s not the summer, so the caretakers knew they had to do something for their adorable 2-month-old elephant. Instead of simply sprayingthe tot down with water from a hose, they went one step further by adding a playful kiddie pool to the mix! Unlike the little guy who was too afraid to cross a small stream, this sweetheart has no fear as he startssplashing around inside the small inflatable.

They uploaded the cute clip to their YouTube and Facebook pages, and it reallymakes me wish I could jump in and play with him! He really knows how to make it look like fun as he flails around without a care in the world. His big, floppy ears flap in the wind while his clumsy legs do their best to keep balance. Let’s just say he could use some more practice, but I doubt the zoo will mind obliging.

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