Tipsy With Miss Dixie: Jen Righi Talks About Participation Trophies With Our Favorite Mascot

When I was younger, I participated in a ton of sports.

My parents always made sure that I was kept busy after school, and most weekdays meant gymnastic practice, softball practice, or heading to the pool with my team to swim some laps.

I was always preparing myself for the next race, the next game, or the next recital, and sometimes I came home with a medal… and sometimes I didn’t.

My parents were always telling me that whether I won or lost, the important thing was that I tried, and I believe that!

Just like this coach who gave an inspirational speech after his team lost, it’s all about recognizing that you did your best.

So these days, it can seem a bit strange that practically anyone involved in a sport receives a medal, no matter if they won the game or not.

Our LittleThings host Jen Righi hilariously vents to our mascot Miss Dixie about participation trophies that kids get nowadays, and how trivial they can sometimes be.

I mean, I’d love it if I could get a trophy for everything I’ve accomplished, like finishing a book or cooking a nice dinner, but unfortunately, life isn’t always that rewarding!

You have to watch the video and hear what she has to say… and I think there is definitely some truth to it!

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