Snoring Pug Takes A Nap In His Swimming Pool

Summer is the season for leisurely naps and days spent by the pool. And while it’s not usually recommended to do both at the same time, exceptions can be made for really cute puppies wearing sunglasses. Especially if the puppy is a pug with a mean snore on his hands.

Every puppy loves a good baby pool. It’s the perfect size for them to get a little wet without actually having to put in the effort of swimming. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching a dog play in a baby pool, look no further than Tripp, the husky who couldn’t get enough of his very own pool. If that weren’t cute enough for you, here’s a whippet who mistake the pool for a huge water bowl before realizing what it’s really for! So adorable I couldn’t stop laughing at the adorable pups!

In the case of this particular pug, his pool is a bit too small to play in, but it happens to be the perfect size for a nap in the sun. He’s completely relaxed, just soaking and snoring in his bright red sunglasses, until he suddenly wakes up with a jolt and struggles to get himself right side up again. It’s too funny!


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