Rescued Black Rhino Whines For More Treats At His Zimbabwe Sanctuary

With so many of our planet’s creatures becoming extinct due tobrutal practices in tourism and poaching,it’s amazing to see organizations step up to actually help the poor things thrive rather than rob them of their lives.

One species particularly vulnerable to decreasing population are the black rhinos of Africa. Listed as critically endangered, activists and conservationists are doing everything they can to provide happy, healthy homes for those they can. Not only are their sanctuaries away to make sure each critter is getting the care they need, but they also offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to observe and interact with the animals in a natural habitat.

The folks over atImire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe, Africa, have provided exactly that for decades thanks to their founder,Norman Travers. Guests are able to book trips to the facility where they can volunteer time caring and learning about the animals roaming the acres of land.In the video below, you see how they learn that even rhinos have their own adorable personalities especially if theyhappen to be hungry!

After a long day of hanging out with his friends in the area, this cute fella clearly came home with one thing on his mind. He actually reminds me a little bit of my nephew when he’s cranky because he knowssnack time is right around the corner. While this silly guy waits for his caretaker to grab a handful of yummy treats, he starts whining in the most hilarious way. I had no idea rhinos could make this sound!

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