Little Girl Is Overjoyed To Meet Her Baby Sister For The First Time

Any parent of two or more children can agree that introducing your older child to the new baby is stressful. Will they like each other? Will you have a diva child on your hands?

Some children are not fond of sharing their parents’ attention, and you’ve probably seen videos of them crying about it online. Other children are ecstatic about being big siblings! One little girl was so happy to meet her brother, but she had to tell her mom that she was wrong about who he looked like!

Kids like these are the best kind of children! One little 2-year-old was beside herself as she prepared to meet her baby sister. As soon as she was in the hospital room, she was rushing around looking for the baby. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she said “baby sister” over and over again.

This little one is so relatable, because when she finally gets to hold her sister, she gushes about her, and then she wants to get up and do something else! Have your children ever done this before?

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