House Republicans grill Loretta Lynch over Hillary Clinton emails

Washington (CNN)Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified Tuesday before a congressional subcommittee where House Republicans were eager to grill her about the decision not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server.

Lynch defended her actions, saying she was accepting the recommendation of the FBI.
“Their unanimous recommendation was that the matter be resolved in the way in which we announced, and I accepted that recommendation,” Lynch said.
    House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlate, a Virginia Republican, rejected the FBI’s conclusion, saying, “the FBI’s conclusion leaves many more questions than answers.”
    “The American people also expect government officials to abide by the law just like everyone else and to be reprimanded when they break the law, just like everyone else,” Goodlatte said.
    Lynch also began her hearing highlighting the tension between African-Americans and law enforcement that shook the nation last week.
    “As we grapple with the aftermath of these events, the Department of Justice will continue to do everything in our power to build bonds of trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the communities we serve. That work has never been more difficult — or more important,” she said.
    Republicans grilled FBI director James Comey on the same subject last Thursday.

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