Beauty Blogger Mom Lets Her Kids Give Her A Makeover With Hilarious Results

Like many momswith youngsters running around their house, my mom would often find my brother and mehavinga little too much fun when wediscoveredher makeup stash.

While most parents would sighand look for the soap, one mom isn’t just encouraging her kids to pick up hermakeup brush she’s offering to be their canvas, too! Sure, we’re used to seeing the tables turned for hardworkingmoms in need of some well-deserved pampering, but nothing quite like this. It reminds me of the woman who allowed her husband to pick out her new look, or the grandma who proved how impressive contouring can really be at any age.

The beauty blogger behind HeyKayli regularly shares her new favorite hair, cosmetic, and lifestyle picks with her fans on YouTube and Facebook. However,when her son and daughter asked to join in, she obviouslycouldn’t refuse! Basing their mom’s transformation on one of their favorite cartoon superheroes, Brailee gets started by combing back Kayli’s hair, while Gage gets to work on the makeupwithmusic provided by Epidemic Sound.

The twowork pretty well together, as they team up to add tons of green eyeshadow all over Kayli’s face. They explain how they chose the character based on how much she already looks like her, but Kayli can’t seem to recall a time when she ever chosesuch an usualshade of blush. After a while, she starts to fear they’re turning her into the Hulk.

Take a look to see whom they were actually trying to duplicate.

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