Baby Cant Stop Laughing Every Time Her Mother Hiccups

You can never tell what a baby’s reaction will ever be to something new or strange. Sometimes, a baby will be absolutely terrified of a stuffed animal, or sometimes they’ll giggle at a huge lion. A baby’s reaction to something is always pretty random, but the little darling in the video below is about as silly as you could ever hope to see!

Everything was pretty normal enough when Mom started filming her little bundle of joy. Dad was carefully clipping her fingernails, slowly making sure he wasn’t getting too close, and that’s when it happened: Mom hiccuped!

We’ve seen babies cry whenever their mom began to sing, and we’ve seen babies laugh at their dads being silly, but seeing a baby burst out into laughter from something as simple as a hiccup is new to us!

To make matters even funnier, it seems like the hiccups weren’t even real. Mom was making fake hiccups, but this little baby didn’t care one bit! She just kept laughing and laughing at her mom, even as Dad continued cutting her tiny nails, this little baby is having about as good a time as you’ve ever seen.

Have you ever seen a baby laugh at something like this before? Let us know in the comments below!



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