Dad Makes A Life-Size Dinosaur Fort For His Son

Is it just me, or was it every little boy’s dream to have a pet dinosaur? Or at least to live in a world where they were still around? And that’s definitely not exclusive to just boys, either… Mysister and I used to love watching The Land Before Time.

I’d say that whether you were scared of them, or in love with them, they fascinatedcountless young childreneither way.

Even as some boys grew up, their fascination continued, like this guy who somehow has a “pet dinosaur”thatdoes some funny stuff around the house. Or even some girls who just can’t fightthe love of dinosaurs and dancing.

But when we’re talking about reality, the chances are slim that you’ll ever encounter a life-size dinosaur sculpture outside of a museum, unless you take up archeologyor if you’re the lucky child of this cool dad you’re all about to see.

The process in which he got this dinosaur is insane, but still not even the craziest part. The INSIDE is what will shock you most for a second time. Once this dinosaur is delivered to his son’s backyard,they have landed a historic creation. I think this just might qualify for the “best dad ever” award!


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