Breast Cancer Survivor Gets A Makeover For Her Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Wendy Williams has a talk show full of surprises, guests, and laughter. DuringBreastCancer Awareness Month, she made sure to do her part to give back to the community of breast cancer and their everyday battles.

Which brings us to Barbra, who is soon celebrating an anniversary of hers. Unlike this couple who shares a silly song on their anniversary, she wanted to do something to get her husband excited and herself confident.

When shewroteto Wendy to try to get on the show to surprise her husband for their eight-year wedding anniversary, she was chosen because of her story, her strength, and her beauty, of course. She wanted to feel sexy again, and she didn’t know what to do with herself since cancer had changed her appearance so much, as she explains in her home video.

So, Wendy came to the rescue! And she even surprised herself.

Watch as Barbra comes out as a new and improved woman with confidence and what they did to her hair? Amazing.Once you see the before and after shot, you will see why these stories make me so happy; it’s because they clearly helped make Barbra happy, and she is more deserving of smiles than many!


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