Be Your Own Universe

Be your sun every morning. Remember that every day starts with rays of light, every morning you can see the colors more clearly, every morning you can warm yourself up from yesterdays winds and every morning you get a new chance to

Be your moon every night. Calm yourself down from the madness of the day, listen to yourself, to your thoughts and to your feelings. Reflect. Reflect on your life, on your love and on the ideas that you cant tell anyone when the sun is up. But more than anything, remember that if you want people to see you, you have to be and visible, you cant hide the most beautiful parts of yourself if you want to light up the dark.

Be your own star. Look for your light when its dark, even when you burn, let your explosion produce little diamonds and transform your pain into pearls of wisdom. Be a star in the sense that you dont need validation or confirmation from anyone that you are a star. A star just knows its worth, a star knows its a star whether peopleagree or not. Be a star in everything you do and watch the whole galaxy make room for you.

Be your own sky. Be vast and open to life and new opportunities. Embrace the rain, the storm and the thunder. Know how to exist in any kind of weather but never forget to make a after every storm, to clear yourself after the rain and to keep making art with the clouds that come your way reflecting all shapes of life.

Be your own sea. Keep swimming in your depth till you find your treasure. Keep crashing in your own waves so you can learn how to be still. Move with the current until you find your peace and bring people joy whenever you can. Let them enjoy your beauty, let them laugh in your ocean and keep them safe on your shore. But no matter what, dont forget your power, your beauty, your depth and your ability to heal people.

Be your own planet. Find the parts of yourself you can live with and change the ones that can destroy you. Surround yourself with good energy and fill your space with people who want to live with you, who want to discover you and people who dont want to live onany other planet.

Be your own universe because you are part of it and everything in the universe is a reflection of you.

Be your own universe and dont be afraid of your own greatness.

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